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What happens in my initial Naturopathic consultation?
During an initial naturopathic consultation Lisa will ask about your current and past health history and your health goals.  In order to ascertain the best possible picture to treat your health condition, in-depth questions will be asked about the relevant body systems and other factors which may be contributing to your current health condition. If you have brought any recent blood tests with you these will be considered and any prescribed medications you may currently be taking will be discussed in detail to ensure there will be no interactions with your naturopathic treatment. 
Your health issues will be explained from a naturopathic perspective and a treatment plan will be tailored to suit your particular needs.  If necessary, you will be referred for blood or other testing needed to gain a more extensive health picture.
Naturopathic treatment commonly comprises of herbal liquids or tablets, nutritional supplements and flower essences, with dietary and lifestyle advice.
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How long is a consultation?
An initial consultation takes approximately 60-75 minutes and follow up consultations range between 30-60 minutes, as necessary.
What will my consultation cost?
Initial Consultation                                      -  $150
Follow Up Consultation costs are based on time taken
Lisa is a registered provider with all major health funds and Hicaps is available at Salisbury.
What should I bring to my initial consultation?
Copies of any blood or other tests which you have had recently and details of any prescribed medication or supplements you are currently taking, including dosage.  Please bring a copy of your Health Questionnaire, if you have not already emailed it back.