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"Booking my initial consultation with Lisa was my first step on the road to better health. Twenty years of shift work had taken its toll leaving me drained and completely exhausted. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I'm not even 40! Lisa is working with me to over come my non-specific issues by starting at the beginning, not just patching me up but working to build a great foundation that my health can recover on. She is easy to talk to and really listens, this gives her the edge over any other naturopath I have been to before. What you say and how you say it is just as important in diagnosing your health problems as the list of physical symptom you display. After years of feeling wrecked I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Lisa is a fantastic naturopath and I believe everyone can benefit from her knowledge."

Suzanne C., Indooroopilly

“Lisa is delightful to work with, she is a health practitioner who's aim it has been to help me achieve my health goals in her realistic and straightforward way.  She has a down to earth approach and is unfazed by conflicting and complex health care issues.  Lisa has an impressive scientific knowledge base, is articulate and can explain complex body processes well, allowing understanding of her treatment plan"

Celia H., Corinda

"Lisa has changed my life! That may sound dramatic but it's true!  Prior to seeing Lisa, I was constantly sick.  Catching every little bug, cold & flu that came my way.  I went to GP after GP after GP and they all told me I had a virus and there was nothing they could do.  Lisa has helped me to get well and stay well! Boosting my immune system as well as other deficiencies I didn't know I had.  Lisa is friendly, easy to talk to and informative.  Not only has she improved my general health and wellbeing, but Lisa has also recommended other excellent health care professionals who have helped me in other areas.  I have not hesitated to recommend Lisa to my family and friends."

Elena W., Mt Gravatt

"Lisa Freebury, Naturopath, receives my unhesitating recommendation.  We have visited naturopaths for years in several different countries and she stands out as a knowledgeable and capable Naturopath.  Her manner is warm and she is very easy to talk to, tailoring her approach to the different needs and personalities of our different family members.  We have noticed immediate results from all of her treatments, both those she said would definitely work and those of which she was hopeful.”

Neridah M-D., Chelmer

"As someone who is a long term client of Lisa's, I can highly recommend her for all your naturopathy requirements.
Since being diagnosed with a long term illness earlier in my life, I have been to 3 GPs and 4 specialists, all of which suggested treatments which left me in worse condition than before.
Rather than attempt to treat just the effects, like those before her, Lisa has taken a more holistic approach and analysed all elements of my life.
This is what sets her apart from the rest.
Lisa is more than willing to go the extra mile which has resulted in a treatment which has literally turned my illness around.  I have found Lisa highly knowledgeable, professional, understanding and approachable.
Lisa Freebury should be your first and only choice when it comes to naturopathy in Brisbane."

Rhys M., Annerley

"After seeing a number of GPs and taking more chemist prescriptions than I could count for my digestive issues, seeing a naturopath seemed like my last option. 
I wasn't quite sure what to expect but Lisa was absolutely fantastic.  She took the time to sit down and talk to me not just about my digestive issues, but to find out more about me as a person so she could look at my health holistically. 
Within the first few days of seeing Lisa, my digestive issues were alleviated.  I couldn't believe it!  After months of GP consults, blood tests, chemist prescriptions and trying every wives tale there was, a few simple remedies from Lisa got me back to feeling healthy and happy again.
I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to get their health back in check and to start feeling great again."

Dee B., Springfield Lakes

"Lisa is a great naturopath, one I would gladly recommend to anyone, as she listens well and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her approach.
I would also like to acknowledge the support she offered us when both our business and home was hit in the January 2011 floods.
Thanks Lisa."

Natasha H., Graceville

“Lisa's professional approach was excellent.  A clear treatment plan after a thorough consultation.  Highly recommended”

Keith E., Yeronga