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The Naturopath's Blog

The Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of The Naturopath's Blog!

I feel there should really be a fanfare, fireworks and maybe even a small glass of organic bubbly but..... the IT side of things is not really my strength so the best I can do is a static picture for you.

Fireworks - Naturopath's Blog
So, why I am blogging on my website and more importantly why would you be reading my posts?  I guess that as a Naturopath, I see different things in the media, whether on the TV or in print, and sometimes feel that I would like to comment on the good, the bad and all else in between.

Also, I am lucky to have access to some of the latest research findings in regards to nutrients and herbs and would like to share this exciting information to help you and others who have the goal to improve and maintain their health.

Finally, it allows me the chance to find out what your health interests or concerns are and possibly help with general advice, tips and my views (and occasionally step on that soapbox).

Thanks for reading.