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Healthy Summer Skin from Within

Summer is upon us and, for most, this means baring a lot more skin!  As well as booking in to your local day spa for a facial, body scrub or massage it is important to look after your skin from the inside as well.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and mirrors what is going on inside your body and any nutritional deficiencies will be reflected on your skin.  Stress, poor nutrition, dehydration and lack of sleep will also affect how the skin looks and feels.

A healthy diet forms the foundation for improving your skin condition and helps to provide the body with nutrients essential to healthy skin formation and support.  
Healthy food choices for skin wellbeing include:

·      Fresh vegetables – eat a variety of fresh vegetables including green leafy ones.  Green, yellow and red vegetables are high in antioxidants, which will help to protect against cellular aging and damage.

·      Fresh fruit – fruit contains anti-oxidants to protect your skin from free-radical damage and is rich in vitamin C.  Vitamin C is needed for tissue growth and repair and is required for the formation of collagen, an important protein for skin elasticity.

·      High fibre foods – such as whole grains, legumes, apples and pears to assist with improving digestive function to allow for effective toxin elimination.

·      Protein rich foods – good quality protein such as oily fish, lean meat, chicken, dairy, eggs and complete vegetable protein are important as the amino acids contribute to skin firmness and elasticity.

·      Essential fatty acids – eating oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds will help to keep your skin moisturized, smooth and healthy.  

·       Stay hydrated – your body consists of around 75% water and the skin is about 70%, so dehydration will have a definite impact on how your skin looks and feels.  Working in air-conditioning is very dehydrating so get in the habit of having a jug of water on your desk and drinking regularly.  For those who complain that water is boring then add in some slices of lemon or lime, mint leaves or even cucumber slices – not only will it taste great but you can close your eyes and pretend you are at a health retreat.  Aim to drink 30ml per kilo of body weight and no, any coffee, tea and carbonated drinks do not count in this allowance! 
We are coming up to the silly season but remember that alcohol is a diuretic and, as such, promotes the removal of fluids from your body, so drink in moderation and remember to add in some glasses of water between your drink of choice.

Thanks for reading!