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To Detox or Not To Detox - That is the New Year Question

It is a New Year and some of us may have finished 2010 feeling tired, stressed, with difficulty concentrating and then perhaps overindulged during the festive season… So we start our New Year with resolutions for Better Health, More Exercise and then someone mentions a Detox – which brings to mind all sorts of extreme measures such as fasting, colon cleansing and bizarre food combinations but is this really necessary?  

Detoxification is a fundamental and natural bodily function, where our bodies process harmful substances and eliminate them via the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract and skin.  Unfortunately, our exposure to environmental pollutants, stress, poor diet and lack of exercise, means that our natural detoxification systems cannot always keep up and we get tired, run down and may get sick as toxicity builds in our body and it loses it’s innate ability to maintain maximum health.  

So what is a Toxin and what are the Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity?

Basically put, a Toxin is any substance that can harm your body and these can come from poor diet, exposure to environmental pollutants and drug use, as well as normal body processes. Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity may include:

Recurrent Infections
Poor Concentration
Bad Breath
Body Odour
Sinus Congestion
How Can Detoxification Help?

Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body by neutralizing them through the liver and facilitating their removal via the urinary system, gastrointestinal tract and the skin.  By stimulating each of these different detoxification systems inherent in our body, the accumulated “rubbish”, free radicals and pollutants can be removed and the cells are able to renew and start to perform at maximum capacity.  By making dietary and lifestyle changes including exercise and undertaking an individualized detoxification program under the guidance of a qualified Naturopath, the body will be assisted and supported to clean out the toxicity. 
After the process, you should notice that you have renewed energy and vitality, your skin is softer, clearer and has regained softness and the minor health issues that you have will start to disappear and you will feel and look great!

Thanks for reading.